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The main objective of electronic science is the development of science in accordance with modern requirements, improvement of its management, wide application of ICT in the scientific institutions of the republic, formation of a single national scientific information space. In addition, electronic science is important in ensuring information security and thereby achieving the interaction of research institutions and scientists, increasing the efficiency of scientific management and research, developing all fields of science at the level of modern international standards and integrating them into the world scientific space. At present, a consistent and purposeful state policy is being implemented under the leadership of the head of state Mr. Ilham Aliyev on the formation and development of electronic science.

The Institute of Information Technology of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, guided by this policy, carried out works related to the expansion of the infrastructure of the AzScienceNet network, which is a technological platform of electronic science in 2022. In the center, the work of forming the information provision of electronic science was carried on, information systems of various purposes, e-resources and websites were developed. The activity of AzScienceNet continued on the storing the information resources of the scientific institutions and organizations of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) in the Data Center and supporting hosting services, providing e-services to users, as well as integrating them into the online research and education environment of Europe.

With the AzScienceNet network, which provides access to the Internet through the Delta Telecom provider, the employees of ANAS institutes and organizations are provided with broadband Internet, and scientists and specialists have the opportunity to use virtual machines with a computing power equal to 21 Tflops and large memory resources to solve complex problems. . The volume of AzScienceNet's external memory is 768 Tbytes, the Internet connection speed has been increased to 3.5 Gbit/s, and about 8,000 computers are connected to the network.

The Distance Learning Center of the Teaching-Innovation Center provides videoconferencing and remote services to a number of regional science and educational institutions through the AzScienceNet network. A multi-point distance education service is being operated for Nakhchivan and Ganja divisions of ANAS through AzScienceNet. Through this network, the formation of distance learning centers in the regions opens wide opportunities for distance learning of doctoral students, organization of online seminars and conferences, gathering of prestigious guests and Nobel laureates who come to Baku, and strengthening of domestic and international cooperation relations between scientists.

AzScienceNet establishes close cooperation relations with the world's prestigious international organizations, enabling all its users to benefit from the opportunities offered by the world's research and education networks. Thus, in 2015, the AzScienceNet science-computer network, which became a member of the European Association of Research and Education Networks (GEANT) as a national operator, plays the role of a virtual bridge in ensuring the integration of Azerbaijani research science and education into the European environment. Through this network, fast internet and advanced network services are provided to all scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS, as well as to various universities of the country.

The AzScienceNet network represents our country in the EU4Digital: Connecting Research and Education Communities (EaPConnect) project, funded by the European Commission, implemented by the initiative and coordination of the GEANT Association, covering the Eastern Partnership countries. This also facilitates the participation of local scientists, students and researchers in global research and educational cooperation. It should be noted that the main goal of the project implementation is the formation of a high-speed regional research and education network connecting Eastern European countries, ensuring its integration into Europe's GEANT Research and Education Network, connecting those countries to the electronic science infrastructure of Europe, as well as the strengthening of cooperative relations of scientific and educational institutions of Azerbaijan with relevant institutions of Europe.

The activities carried out within the framework of cooperation with the GEANT Association at AzScienceNet were continued in the current year as well. Thus, the employees of AzScienceNet participated in the "5th Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures" international conference on E-infrastructures within the framework of the EapConnect project, which was held in Baku on September 28-29, 2022, organized by the European Commission and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This prestigious event, initiated and coordinated by the GEANT Association, brought together scientists and specialists representing about 50 countries, including relevant international organizations and prestigious foreign companies.

At present, work is being done in the direction of using the services of GEANT in the AzEduNet educational network. Thus, telecommunication equipment purchased within the framework of the "EaPConnect" project has been installed and put into operation, as well as 10 Gbit/s ports have been activated in the communication equipment used by the communication channel between AzEduNet and AzScienceNet. Also, work is being continued in the direction of efficient use of 3Gbit/sec internet traffic.

In 2023, the Institute of Information Technology, including the "AzScienceNet" Network Operation Center, is intended to improve the material and technical base of electronic science, integrate science and education, increase the efficiency of science, strengthen international scientific cooperation, etc.

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