Young researchers of the Institute participated in the international symposium on “European Open Science Cloud” 2022-12-08 17:00:00 / CONFERENCES

The leading researcher of the Institute of Information Technology, PhD in technical sciences Mammad Hashimov and senior specialist Ogtay Alakbarov participated in the “EOSC 2022” international symposium on “European Open Science Cloud” in Prague, Czech Republic. Young researchers shared their views in discussions on the goals, services and tasks of EOSC in the training and plenary sessions held within the framework of the international event.

Within the framework of the event, at the same time, the participation of the AzScienceNet science computer network in the European Open Science Cloud project was discussed. It was stated that the integration of the AzScienceNet network into the EOSC environment will enable our researchers to work more efficiently in the international world of science. Open services offered by EOSC to scientists and professionals for the preservation, management and analysis of scientific knowledge will stimulate the formation of new, innovative knowledge.

It should be noted that in the symposium attended by more than 500 representatives from various state organizations, higher education and research centers of the world, the main achievements and strategic challenges of EOSC in Europe and beyond, as well as issues such as defining priorities and upcoming tasks in the relevant field, were discussed.

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