The infrastructure of the AzScienceNet Network Operation Center expands 2022-12-06 14:00:00 / CONFERENCES

The 2022 report of the AzScienceNet Network Operation Center of the Institute of Information Technology was discussed.

The head of the center, PhD in technical sciences Babak Nabiyev, presented the report and talked about the measures implemented during the current year related to the expansion of the infrastructure of the AzScienceNet within the scope of scientific and innovative activities. He drew attention to the carried out measures on connection new computers of institutes and organizations of ANAS, reconstruction of network infrastructure based on intelligent switches, establishment of Wi-Fi network and Eduroam service in ANAS institutions, integration of Eduroam system into Edugain system, as well as modernization of security and monitoring system, DATA Center and increasing its technical capabilities.

Nabiyev talked about the work done in the current year related to expanding the network infrastructure of the Institute of Physics and increasing the possibilities of information exchange with CERN, ensuring the operation of AzScienceNet's information security systems. “The speed of Internet access in all institutes and organizations connected to AzScienceNet was 1 GBit/sec. Within the EapConnect project, 8 intelligent switches were installed. 4 Wi-fi, Access Points were installed and tuned at the Institute of Information Technology, Institute of Geology and Geophysics and the Main building of ANAS”, he noted.

Talking about the work carried out in the direction of the integration of AzScienceNet into the GEANT network, the head of the Center said that work is being carried out in the direction of using the services of GEANT for the AzEduNet educational network, the telecommunication equipment purchased within the EapConnect project has been installed and put into operation, as well as 10 Gbit/sec ports are enabled in the communication equipment used in the communication channel between AzEduNet and AzScienceNet. He also pointed out that work has been done in the direction of efficient use of 3Gbit/sec. Internet traffic.

He said that within the framework of the organization of Internet services in the AzScienceNet, multi-point distance education service was implemented for the Nakhchivan and Ganja divisions of ANAS through AzScienceNet, and the use of Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing services by the institutes and organizations of ANAS was ensured.Nabiyev said that measures are being taken to enable higher education institutions of the republic to use the services of the AzScienceNet NOC, and the speed of Internet traffic transmitted to the AzEduNet network has been increased from 1 Gbit/sec to 2 Gbit/sec.

He noted that the construction of new software for effective security and monitoring in the AzScienceNet network, as well as the preparation of technical requirements related to the adaptation of the journals of the Institute of Information Technology to international standards, were carried out within the framework of the software update of the AzScienceNet network.Nabiyev told AzScienceNet that the activities carried out within the framework of cooperation with the GEANT Association will be continued this year as well. He emphasized that the employees of the center actively participated in various events and projects held by this organization, including the organization of the "5th International Conference on E-infrastructures” (EaPEC 2022) within the framework of the EaPConnect held in Baku in September.

He brought to the attention of the meeting participants the information about scientific-pedagogical, scientific-organizational activity, participation in scientific events, publication of articles in well-known journals, promotion of the obtained results in mass media.

Vice-president of ANAS, General director of the Institute, academician Rasim Alguliyev made a speech and praised the activity of the Center for the current year. He expressed his suggestions and recommendations in the direction of expansion of the infrastructure of the AzScienceNet network and development prospects.


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