Academician Arif Hashimov: "Azerbaijan has achieved achievements in science and education within the framework of the Eastern Partnership" 2022-09-28 11:20:00 / CONFERENCES

The main objective of the "5th Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures Conference" is to expand cooperation between the relevant countries and accelerate the integration of these countries into Europe. In the direction of the integration of our country into the Euro-Atlantic environment, the Azerbaijani state has been implementing a consistent and purposeful policy for many years.

This was said by the acting president of ANAS, academician Arif Hashimov at the opening ceremony of the conference. The scientist said that this policy, established by the national leader Heydar Aliyev, was successfully continued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev and entered the next stage of development.

He pointed out that the process of academic integration covers all areas of activity, including strategic directions such as science and education.

Arif Hashimov reminded that the legal basis of the broad-spectrum cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the European Union was laid by the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement signed in 1996. Since 2004, a new stage of relations between the European Union and Azerbaijan has begun. Azerbaijan received technical and financial support within the framework of the "New Neighborhood Policy" Program with the European Union. Access quota to its internal markets from the European Union, free movement of workers, goods, services, investment-capital resources has been obtained. In 2005, according to the relevant Decree of President Ilham Aliyev, the state commission on the integration of the Republic of Azerbaijan into the European Union was established. The task of developing cooperation with the European Union in political, economic, transport and energy, law, security, human rights and democratization, humanitarian, science, education and other fields was set before that commission.

In 2009, the "Eastern Partnership" initiative was put forward by the EU. Azerbaijan is one of the most active participants of the "Eastern Partnership" Program. Within the framework of this program, our country implements various projects that serve the development of relations with the European Union. A number of achievements have already been achieved in this field. An important part of those achievements is related to the fields of science and education. In this direction, our relations are developing on an upward line.

"According to the information provided, scientists and specialists representing about 50 countries, including relevant international organizations and prestigious foreign companies, are participating in today's event. This shows that there is great interest and expectations about the conference. I believe that this prestigious conference will allow Azerbaijani scientists to conduct joint research with their foreign colleagues, implement projects and strengthen international scientific cooperation," the academician added. He thanked the organizers for organizing the event at a high level, and wished success to the work of the conference.


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