A meeting with representatives of the GEANT Association held at the Institute of Information Technology 2022-05-12 12:33:00 / MEETINGS

As previously mentioned, Baku will host the international conference “EaPEC 2022” (Eastern Partnership E-infrastructure Conference) in September. The main purpose in the organization of the conference is to coordinate the research and education community in the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries within the EaPConnect Project and to explore e-science and e-infrastructure issues. In accordance with this, several meetings with the representatives of the GEANT Association and extensive discussions were held with the members of the Organizing Committee on the organization of Conference at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS.

The next meeting was held at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS with Irina Matthews, project manager of EuforDigital (EapConnect2), communication manager, Rosanna Norman as well as other representatives from GEANT Association. The meeting was attended by Vice-President of ANAS, General Director of the Institute, Academician Rasim Alguliyev, Executive Director, Associate Professor Rashid Alakbarov, Head of AzScienceNet Network Operation Center Babak Nabiyev and other relevant persons.

Speaking at the meeting, Academician Rasim Alguliyev said that the EaPEC 2022 conference, scheduled for September, aims to expand cooperation between the Eastern Partnership countries and accelerate their integration into the European community.

The scientist reminded that AzScienceNet has joined GEANT, a giant electronic infrastructure serving all scientific and educational institutions in Europe, since 2016.

The academician expressed confidence that EaPEC 2022 will also open wide opportunities in terms of defining the prospects for the development of science and education in Azerbaijan:

“EaPEC 2022 will accelerate the integration of the Azerbaijani scientific community into the European environment, as well as allow Azerbaijani scientists to conduct joint research with foreign colleagues, implement projects and strengthen international scientific cooperation.”

Noting that the Internet speed in the AzScienceNet network is 3Gbit / s within the EapConnect project, the director of the institute said that it is important to ensure the effective use of these opportunities by Azerbaijani science and higher education institutions.

During his speech, R. Alguliyev said that the Azerbaijani scientific community has access to prestigious international scientific databases such as Springer, Web of Science, Scopus, access to quality content, textbooks and articles in various fields of science, distance learning with European scientific and educational institutions. He also stressed the importance of creating opportunities. He stressed that the EaPEC 2022 conference will play an important role in ensuring the effective integration of Azerbaijani science into the European intellectual society.

Then Irina Matthew, EuforDigital project manager, spoke. She stressed the importance of the meeting and praised the conditions created for Azerbaijan, including the Institute of Information Technology, to join European science and education projects. Noting that they are interested in continuing cooperation with the Institute, the guest called on scientists and researchers to actively participate in GEANT projects, conferences, meetings and trainings organized by this organization.

She stressed the importance of organizing a high-level EaPEC 2022 conference aimed at strengthening cooperation in science, education and research between the Eastern Partnership countries: “It is extremely important to draw the attention of Azerbaijani research institutions, higher education institutions and relevant government agencies to this conference.”

The guest also said that they are ready to provide the necessary support for the organization of the EaPEC 2022 conference.

The meeting also discussed the members of the EaPEC 2022 Organizing Committee identified by the GEANT Association, the identification of participants and topics by Azerbaijan, as well as other organizational and technical issues that need to be addressed before the conference.

Then the guests got acquainted with the activities of the AzScienceNet Network Operation Center, Training-Innovation Center, Multimedia Center, as well as the Electronic Library Center, the conditions created in these departments.


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