Scientific seminar: “Demographic targeting based on social media” 2021-11-06 11:00:00 / CONFERENCES

The next online scientific seminar of the 3rd department of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS was held. Executive Director of the Institute, PhD in technical sciences, associate professor Rashid Alakbarov said that discussions on "Demographic targeting based on social media" will be held at the seminar.

Presenting the report, the chief specialist of the department Ogtay Alakbarov said that "targeting" is an English word meaning "target", "goal". He noted that "targeting" is the transfer of selected information on the content to an audience that meets certain criteria. The goal here is to deliver the ads to that selected audience.

According to his words, "targeting" goes through several processes, including monitoring, analysis, content development and advertising. Speaking about the types of targeting, the speaker emphasized that these are thematic, content, geographical, time, social demographic and behavioral targeting.

Then O. Alakbarov talked about social demographic "targeting". He said that several criteria are preferred in this type of targeting. These include age, gender, marital status, place of work, education, interests, etc. There are criteria: “Age, gender and marital status are the prerequisites for demographic targeting. First of all, a search is conducted on these criteria. Their advertising content is formed based on the user's geographical location, education, place of work.

The researcher also looked at the organization of targeting based on social media. He said that certain content - photos, videos, slide shows and banners - are used to organize "targeting" on the basis of social media.

In the end, the speaker answered the questions addressed to him.

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