Problems of analysis and synthesis of cloud systems are investigated 2021-07-08 18:00:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

Semi-annual report meetings of departments for 2021 continue at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS. Rashid Alakbarov, Deputy Director for Technologies, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, who presented the report of the department No. 4, presented the report of the department, gave detailed information about the work done in connection with.

R.Alakbarov said that research was conducted on the problems of analysis and synthesis of cloud systems. He noted that this year the department has developed "Methods and algorithms for the synthesis and intelligent management of computing clouds in the network environment", "Development of methods and algorithms for optimal synthesis of mobile computing clouds", "Problems of analysis and synthesis of cyber physical systems on Industry 4.0", " Development of methods and algorithms for efficient use of network resources in Internet technologies, "Research of problems of Internet and supercomputer technologies", "Development of methods and algorithms for creation of virtual machines and computing clusters in data processing center", "Enterprise Desktop in efficient use of distributed computing systems resources" Research on the application of grid technologies ”,“ Research on Software Defined Networking ”(SDN - Software Defined Networking) research was continued.

The scientist also studied the problems of Green Computing technologies and their solutions, the current state of wireless network technologies and existing problems, the current state of artificial intelligence systems and existing problems, comparative analysis of research methods, methods of efficient use of mobile cloud resources, he also noted that scientific research is being conducted.

Speaking about the international scientific cooperation of the department, the rapporteur noted the cooperation with the GEANT Association, which provides network services to all scientific and educational institutions in Europe, and the Center for Distributed Computing of the Institute of Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and also noted that continued.

R.Alakbarov also informed about the scientific-pedagogical and scientific-organizational activities of the department, participation in scientific-technical conferences, measures taken to publish scientific articles in international and national journals recommended by the Supreme Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Vice-president of ANAS, director of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, academician Rasim Alguliyev made recommendations on the report of the department. He stressed the need to strengthen the scientific and theoretical activities of the staff of the academic department and further deepen the research.

There was a wide exchange of views on the report, questions were answered.

By the decision of the Scientific Council, the 6-month report of the department was approved.

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