Ultra-Wide Band is a wireless networking technology that uses ultra-broadband signals 2021-07-02 14:00:00 / CONFERENCES

The next online scientific seminar of the 4th department of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS was held. Rashid Alakbarov, Deputy Director for Technology, Head of Department, PhD in Technical sciences, Associate Professor of the Institute, said that discussions on "Ultra-Wide Band Technology: Prospects and Architecture" will be held at the seminar.

Kamran Jafarzadeh, a researcher at the institute, said that UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) is a wireless network technology that uses ultra-broadband signals with low energy consumption and extremely low spectral power density.

Speaking about the short history of UWB, K.Jafarzadeh noted that research on ultra-broadband radio communication began in 1940, and in 1960-1990 this technology was used by the armies in radars, video transmission and highly protected secret communication systems:

“In 2018, the UWB Alliance was established to develop ultra-broadband technology and create the IEEE 802.15.4z standard. Its founders include Apple, Hyundai, Kia, Zebra, Decawave, Alteros, Novelda and Ubisense.”

It uses ultra-broadband wireless radio to send short signal pulses over a wide range, and this standard uses the widest frequency range currently available for communication between 3 and 10 GHz. This means that data is transmitted over a number of frequency channels at the same time.

"The wide signal allows to support high wireless data speeds of up to 480 Mbit / s over a distance of several meters. Data transmission speeds are significantly reduced over longer distances. Compared to the spread spectrum, the broad-spectrum use of ultraband does not interfere with other transmissions in the same frequency range” he added.

The speaker also spoke about the main advantages of UWB. He noted that this includes high data transfer speeds, local location of objects with an accuracy of 2 cm, a high level of information security, lower energy consumption.

He also provided information on the spectral density of UWB and other wireless network technologies, Alarm Flight Time (ToF), Alarm Flight Time (ToF), Car-Key technology, UWB-enabled mobile devices.

At the end, there was a wide exchange of views on the report, questions were answered.

The head of the department Rashid Alakbarov said that the topic is very relevant in our time. He noted the importance of in-depth research on the prospects and architecture of Ultra-Wide Band technology, the study of international experience.

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