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Addressed to children in their "e-friendly" will be


Dozens of children and children's stores in the near future to answer questions about a variety of topics that can be "intelligent" toys will appear. "CogniToys called" toys for the IBM "Watson" supercomputer will use the opportunities provided by an artificial intelligence system. Toys "Elemental Path" firm.


With the help of a 3D printer "CogniToys" series has been published for more than a few fun. In the form of a dinosaur in the toy section of the battery, dynamic, responsible for relations with microphone toy cloud computing system is not at all difficult to electronic stuffing. "CogniToys" There's only one control element - fire and microphone.


"CogniToys" toys intended for children ages 4-7. However, thanks to the improvement of the system in the future, the toy will be able to keep pace with the age of the child and his intellectual level. At toy system, for example, "What is the distance from the Earth to the Moon" to answer simple questions such as the need to search for a second time to close. But the system also includes several self-study that principle, thanks to which he will answer your questions more quickly than it would be for the second time.


As for the company, its owner will recognize each toy, you will be aware of his interest, with the increasing age of the child and the intellect in turn, will increase the level of knowledge. Fərdiləsəcək have started to be used in a toy, to meet the ever-growing child's needs and interests change over the long term koklənməklə.


The company currently popular "Kickstarter" service "through the CogniToys" trying to collect $ 50 million for the construction of a small number of toys. Those wishing to get a piece of this kind in the order they are able to cost $ 99. According to the website, the first shipment of toys, shoppers can begin in November of this year.

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