A report on "The use of" smart "devices in e-medicine" was heard 2021-04-16 10:22:00 / CONFERENCES

"Smart" devices are devices equipped with various sensors and transmitters, have a wireless network and are designed to facilitate human life. At present, they are applied in all spheres of human life.

The next online scientific seminar of the 4th department of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS was held. Chief specialist of the department Ogtay Alakbarov said the seminar was dedicated to "The use of smart devices in e-medicine."

The speaker spoke about the use of "smart" devices in e-medicine. O. Alakbarov spoke about the "CardioGvark" device as an example of "smart" medical devices. He said that this device measures all changes in the heart with the help of EPIC (Integrated Circuits for Measuring Electrical Pulses) technology. Speaking about the propeller device, the speaker noted that the device is used to analyze the dynamics of the disease in asthma patients and to identify potentially risky situations.

FreeStyle Libre is used to measure diabetes in real time without interruption.

The researcher also provided information about the Oral Hygiene Monitor. He said that it is possible to prevent dental problems through OHM. Dental examination can be performed by placing a plate equipped with several sensors in the mouth.

Developed by Byteflies, the Sensor dot Byteflies is designed for people suffering from epilepsy. Sensors placed on the human body can determine when epilepsy occurs.

Vimove is a device that monitors spinal nerve pain 24 hours a day.

He then touched upon the issues of data security in e-medicine: “Patient data protection is one of the main problems in e-medicine. The application of technology in medicine raises the issue of personal data security. To solve this problem, data encryption, two-stage security system, etc. "Such methods are used.

O.Alakbarov also spoke about "smart" hospitals. He noted that "smart" hospitals are "hospitals" that use "smart" technologies, as well as the techniques used by the hospital in the diagnosis and treatment. They are based on his "smart" chambers as a service area. The working principle of the chambers is based on cloud servers. From the patient's initial request until he leaves the hospital, all information about him is transmitted in the cloud.

At the end, discussions were held around the report and questions were answered.

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