Methods and algorithms have been developed for the selection of software products according to multiple criteria 2020-12-28 14:11:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

An algorithm was developed using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method to evaluate the functionality of the software. The application of AHP to the characteristics of software functionality is one of the first works. The analytical hierarchy process is a structured technique of unified decision-making. It does not answer the question of what is right or wrong, but it does allow the decision maker to assess which of the options he or she chooses best suits his or her needs and understands the problem.

Shafagat Mahmudova, PhD in Technics, Associate Professor, said at the online scientific seminar dedicated to the discussion of important scientific results of the Institute in 2020 that two options were considered during the study: In Option 1, a comparison was made in pairs using three criteria of functionality and 5 alternatives, resulting in which criterion was determined to be superior. Option 2 used 5 software, 5 functionality criteria and 5 alternatives. Here, too, the criteria were determined and the best software was selected according to their price.

The speaker noted that it was one of the first studies to compare and evaluate software functionality in pairs by AHP for 5 criteria and 5 alternatives. This makes the program work accurately and correctly. This is evidenced by experiments and results. In other studies, a maximum of three software criteria were used. The tests gave good results. This method can be used to increase functionality for any software.

Two articles reflecting important scientific results were published in a prestigious journal included in the “Web of Science” database. Thus, Shafagat Mahmudova, Ph.D in technics, Associate Professor, and Zarifa Jabrailova, Ph.D in technics Associate Professor, co-authored "Development of an algorithm using the AHP method for selecting software according to the criteria of functionality" according to its functionality ”, as well as“ Application of the TOPSIS method to improve software efficiency and to optimize its management ”by Sh. Mahmudova, the article was published in the journal Soft Computing.

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