A number of methods developed for evaluation e-government services 2020-12-26 12:57:00 / CONFERENCES

The research is devoted to the multi-criteria evaluation of e-services based on citizen satisfaction. For this reason, existing experience was examined to identify factors affecting citizen satisfaction. Citizen satisfaction is considered to be one of the most important factors in assessing the effectiveness of the implementation of e-government.

Speaking at the online scientific seminar of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, the head of the department, PhD, Associate Professor Farhad Yusifov said that the development of a number of methods for evaluating e-government services according to the criteria of citizen satisfaction on the basis of intellectual analysis of public opinion is one of the important scientific achievements of the current year.

He said that the analysis of international experience shows that existing research on the satisfaction of citizens in the use of e-government services is based more on the analysis of reports of different nature at the individual level and the subjective assessment of data from common sources. According to the results of the study, there is a direct relationship between the quality of public services and the level of citizen satisfaction. However, this dependence is not always confirmed, and the level of satisfaction varies depending on whether the public service user meets the expectations.

According to the reporter, the quality of public services is a set of characteristics that determine the ability of citizens to meet the needs of public services. There are a number of approaches, criteria and models for assessing the quality of e-services: “The study examined the quality criteria of public services that affect citizen satisfaction. E-services based on citizen satisfaction were evaluated using a multi-criteria assessment method. In the numerical experiment, the selected e-services were evaluated based on citizen feedback and ranked using the "worst case" method. "

He also noted that the proposed approach allows a multi-criteria assessment of e-government services, taking into account the criteria of quality and availability.  The results of the study  indicates that the effective development of citizen-government relations has a significant impact on citizen satisfaction, depending on the quality and availability of e-services.

The result of the research, 3 articles were published in prestigious journals included in the Web of Science. The article "Assessment of public services based on citizen satisfaction" by Associate Professor Farhad Yusifov and article “Using hotspot information to evaluate citizen satisfaction in e-government: hotspot information” by researcher Gunay Iskenderli were published in the "Information Society" and International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age journals.  Another article by G. Iskanderli's related to the relevant research work - “Applying clustering and topic modeling to automatic analysis of citizens’ comments in e-government” was published in the “International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science”.

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