A conceptual model has been proposed to support the assessment of physician-patient activity 2020-12-23 12:05:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Based on the content-statistical analysis of medical social media resources, a conceptual model supporting the assessment of physician-patient activity and support for effective medical decision-making has been proposed.

Corresponding member of ANAS, doctor of technical sciences Masuma Mammadova, doctor of philosophy in engineering, associate professor Zarifa Jabrailova and employee of the institute Aytaj Isayeva co-authored the research work “Conceptual approach to the use of information obtained on social media for medical decisions” to the use of information acquired in social media for medical decisions ”was published in the Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, which is part of the prestigious Web of Science database.

This was announced by the head of the department of the institute, corresponding member of ANAS Masuma Mammadova at the online scientific seminar dedicated to the discussion of important scientific results of the institute in 2020.

The emergence of professional medical social societies in the Internet environment, the widespread use of social networks, the emergence of virtual relationships between medical professionals, patients, medical clinics and pharmaceutical companies have shaped medical social media, one of the main indicators of e-medicine.

There are many social media tools available in the medical segment today: network platforms, blogs, microblogs, medical portals, information exchange sites, and more available.

Mammadova noted that the study analyzed the existing specialized networks in the medical and social media environment, identified their directions, main subjects and objects, taking into account the importance of public opinion to improve the quality of medical services provided to the population, increase the effectiveness of medical decisions according to the relationships formed, they are doctor-physician; doctor-patient; patient-patient; pharmaceutical company; pharmacy-advertising company; doctor-patient-nurse; doctor-medical clinic; classified by patient-medical clinic segments. Within each segment, the specific opportunities created by social media for the parties involved were considered and the possibility of addressing relevant medical decision-making issues was shown. For this purpose, the existing portals "Hakim.tap", "hakimsanaz.az", "saqamolun.az", "doctormap.az", "DentStar.az", "tibb.az" in the national medical and social media space were analyzed. Based on the proposed parameters, a conceptual model supporting medical decision-making has been developed.

“Based on these parameters and the conceptual approach, a number of decision-making issues will be addressed: assessment of the quality of medical services; comparison of digital inequality of regions in terms of population access to medical portals; identification of demand and supply of medical services in various fields of medicine; assessment of medical safety of the population by regions; medical and social tomography of the regions; Analysis of the ecological situation in the regions, lifestyle of the population, socio-economic development, medical infrastructure, etc. due to diseases,” the corresponding member of ANAS added.

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