Scientometric indicators lectures were devoted to scientific seminar 2015-03-16 10:58:38 / CONFERENCES

The next seminar was held today at the Institute of Information Technology.


The event was opened by the head of department, doctor of technical sciences, professor Masuma Mammadov informed about the issues on the agenda.


Then sector chief, PhD Nigar İsmayılova "scientometric indicators" presented in the report.


The amount of scientific publications, citations and scientific publications, the number of indicators based on the information provided. He said that the type of scientific papers, volume, publication status (impact factor) research direction and differentiated according to the number of co-authors.


Speaking about the advantages brought about by the increase in the number of citations to articles noted that references to the urgency and importance of the research, the adoption by the high citation index is an indicator of the scientific community. According to him, a high index of scientists and scientific institutions is to increase the efficiency of the functioning of the organization.


N.Ismayilova references scholars, academic institutions and the performance evaluation, implementation grant competitions examination, certification of persons who are engaged in scientific and pedagogical, scholarly publishing houses are used for forecasting demand, highlighting the "ISI Web of Science", "Scopus" scientific databases such as briefed.


It is also to assess the impact factor of journals, while the H-index for the assessment of scientists, G-index and the i10-index calculation was presented.


N.Ismayilova full-text search system works in any format and the "Google Scholar" by providing information about the system, the system of registration and articles demonstrated that visual input.


At the end of the debate on the report M.Mammadova, PhD Shafagat Makhmudova techniques, suggestions and recommendations expressed by Bikas Altun and others.

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