Meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Information Technology 2015-02-24 15:07:24 / CONFERENCES

The next meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Information Technology was held today.


The event was opened by the Director of the Institute, National Academy of Sciences, Academician-Secretary, noted academic Aliguliyev agenda. Institute an action plan for 2015, highlighting the importance of the issue of the approval of the departments work to be done this year, spoke about the importance of projects to be implemented. Strengthening of the scientific and theoretical scientist employees of the institute, the world's leading international magazine for the successful use of research results, and stressed the importance of work to be done to integrate into the global scientific institute. He is also the current year by the Institute in Big Data, information security, e-medicine and so on. areas of international and national level events will be held.


Director General of the Department of Scientific Council of the Institute Dinara Zeynalova decisions and gave information about the state of the other tasks. And to the implementation process and the tasks to be executed.


After the speech, PhD, associate professor in charge of Jabrayilova She is the editor of "Information Technology" The problems and the problems of monitoring the magazine said. 5 years of operation, and 112 articles were published in issue 10 of the magazine that celebrates ZCəbrayılova published the magazine "Google Scholar" and "INSPEC" bases are included in the index.


Submit articles to the editor in charge of institutions, languages, and the distribution of authors, the authors noted that the statistical data on the distribution of institutions.


The magazine is also available in voicing the problems of the Higher Attestation Commission of the journal ZCəbrayılova requirements, the integration of its international registries, and stressed the importance of taking measures to improve the site.


"Problems of Information Society" scientific-practical magazine for 2010-2014, bringing to the attention of the statistics of the sector chief editor of the magazine Rasim 91 scientific articles in the magazine published by the author of 32, he said.


The magazine along with Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Ukraine and Iran R.Mahmudov the authors of articles published articles on the topics presented in the statistics.


Then the Education Innovation Center Rasmiyya Makhmudova "scientific information" Speaking about the course of the program, "Scientometrics", "biblio", "e-Library", "Information Society: E-science", "Modeling", "International scientific bases "," Antiplagiat technologies "," supercomputers "," Big Data "," Web-technologies "and other sections of the plans drawn up, he said.


The head of department, PhD candidates and PhD students of the Institute of certification Farhad Yusifov spoke about the year 2014, 54 doctoral students and candidates will participate in the attestation. 8 of them are post-graduates, 46 candidates for a degree. He noted that the attestation for the first half of March, the commission will be created.


The event on February 24, Institute of Information Technology and the Institute of Linguistics "International Mother Language Day" dedicated to the seminar, scientific seminars for 2015, discussed the plan and other relevant decisions were made.


Dr. Rashid Alekperov, chief engineer of the Institute of Technical discussions, doctor of technical sciences Ramiz Aliguliyev, PhD Ramiz Shikhaliyev techniques, Bikes Altun, Shafagat Makhmudova PhD in economics, associate professor suggestions and recommendations expressed by Əlövsət Aliyev and others.

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