3D printer was published in the Scientific Seminar 2015-02-13 17:37:10 / CONFERENCES

Institute of Information Technology seminar held on February 12, the first institution in the country received by the department head Anar Samidov demonstrated a 3D printer. An efficient mechanism of printing equipment by providing detailed information about the participants.


He said that the twenty-first century, the most important inventions in the field of technology, the 3D printer working mechanism, along with details of its individual prints. He developed a professional 3D printers for printing in the printing process, allowing the use of different colors are a few of the print head. Due to this, it is possible to obtain 390 000 colors. During the three-dimensional printing process is displayed in the event of a color printer is used, and the color can be changed only through outside intervention.


ASəmidov material 3D printers also use 200 and layout emphasized the possibility of any color printing.


He noted that 3D printers, architecture, art, jewelry, medicine, education, transportation and other areas are applied. In addition to the advantages of these printers also been found to abuse, criminal field had been used for malicious activity.


Finally, head of the department where the "3D print Conference. Baku "demonstrated in the published photographs of models.


Three-dimensional printer welcomed by the participants, many questions were answered.

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