"Google" is a method of information retrieval 9 2015-01-29 11:57:42 / CONFERENCES

Search the exact phrase or word form. "Google" sought expressions of the survey (word format) to find web pages that expression or word in quotation marks ("") need to write. Example: "I am writing to you"


Search the lack of the word quotation. Unudulubsa used words citation, citation issued by typing the word in quotation marks instead of the asterisk (*) sign that should be included in the quoted forgotten the words must be found. Example: "Night Street, * drugstore"


Search for any word within a few words. Vertical line (|) with all of the options enumerated Google to look for documents associated with each of these things can be. Example: pineapples | quail | champagne


Search words in the sentence. Words ampersand (&) operator birləsdirilərsə, Google will have documentation of these words are used in a sentence. Example: a monument to Pushkin & Pskov


Search the document contains a certain word. In this case, without a space in front of the word to be "+" sign should be written. The survey is also possible to include a number of important words. Example: + tabloid monument to Sholokhov


Removal of the word search. Undesirable results appear in front of the word "-" sign must be included. In this case, you can take out a few words. Example: Miller-buy schemes tissue


Search any site. For this "site" corresponds to the operator. It enables website operators to look for in the survey. "Site" should be placed after the two points. Example: Big Data site: ict.az


Search the documents specified format. The survey of the "mime" the operator, and the need for two-point document format (.pdf, .doc, etc.) should be written. Example: mime application for passport: pdf


Search the websites of certain languages. "Lang" search operator and the documents you need to put a colon after the Russian language - ru, English - en, French - fr, Belarus language - be and so on. As indicated.

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