Computerization of the work was carried out at the Department of Foreign Languages 2015-01-16 10:44:55 / CONFERENCES

Recently, the development of science, the role of socio-economic development of the country in order to increase the scale of the reforms being implemented. One of them is related to improving the quality of training of scientific personnel.


President of the National Academy of Sciences, acad on November 24, 2014 meeting with the teaching staff of the Department of Foreign Languages at the latest scientific innovations benefit scientists in the world, worthy of representation in international conferences, highly cited papers published in international journals indexed in international scientific cooperation highlighted the need for the establishment of relations with foreign language skills. To this end, improve the functioning of the department, an examination of the educational process and adapting to modern standards, with the provision of ICT in classrooms, teachers were instructed to stimulate labor.


At present, the application of modern technologies in the direction of the Department of Foreign languages are being taken. Strengthening of the material-technical base of the chair, improvement of education, distance education resources available educational resources rəqəmsallasdırılaraq transformation, knowledge and skills through interactive technologies in order to evaluate the test method and modern computer technology, providing the employees of the department, the department of computers connected to a local computer network AzScienceNet Science .


Department, and at the same time improving the quality of education in order to ensure transparency in video-surveillance system installed that will allow the implementation of modern standards of education.

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