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This year, for the first time, the scientists were first Congress. National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), jointly organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies and Educational session organized not only within the country but also in the various states, known in the field of science, the scientists took part in a very prestigious. In addition, broadcast live over the Internet, Congress was able to watch all over the world. Science today, tomorrow and the prospects of the Congress opened the public, but also highly appreciated by our compatriots living abroad.


"Communication World" Speaking in an interview with the goals of the National Academy of Sciences academician-secretary of the congress, the director of the Institute of Information Technology, academic Aliguliyev said that the global challenges of the modern world, the importance of this event, as well as through more than twenty years of independence, the socio-economic development, the in accordance with the processes leading to the development of science came into being as a result of:


- The protection of the national wealth of scientific potential, is one of the most important areas of public policy development. All of you are well aware, approved by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan "2020" model of development based on the concept of intellectual knowledge society has been recognized as a key strategic development line.


A completely new concept in the face of the scientific tasks. The tasks that require both the public and businesses, as well as the civil society sector to mobilize their forces for the sake of the sole unit of scientists, on the one hand the challenges of the modern world, on the other hand, the strategic development of the country in terms of timely and adequate response to the execution of the duties of science possibly not. The idea of such a necessity First Congress of scientists has occurred.


I also would like to note that one of the main features characterizing the Congress government agencies, along with the commercialization of science and prospects for generating business and civil society sectors to promote the participation of representatives of the organizations had. Organizations operating in these areas to prevent the involvement of the public sector alone shoulders the weight of the science, but also in business and civil society sectors to be on the show. The formation of knowledge in society, business, intellectual, commercialization of science, innovation and the knowledge economy was one of the main goals of the formation of the I Congress of the scientists.


It is very significant that the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev congratulates qugultaya. This, along with supporting the science, but also imposes a special responsibility on academics.


President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev sent a congratulatory letter that reaffirms the priority of science in public policy. In his letter, Mr. President noted that the participants of the congress, economy, sustainable development, human capital formation and investment knowledge-based society, the main strategic objectives for the near future. All of these highly qualified human resources, innovation activity by requiring new scientific approaches and flexible in the face of the science suggests an entirely new tasks. I am sure that will be discussed at the first assembly and fruitful exchange of views on this issue, is of great importance for the future of the program of action will be taken.


Mr. President, the scientists said in a letter addressed to the provisions of strategic Identifying the development of science.


- The conference heard a number of reports and speeches. As noted in the driving direction of the priorities and challenges?


- The president of the National Academy of Sciences, acad "science priorities and challenges of the modern world", the Minister of Communications and High Technologies Ali Abbasov "Innovative Development: Modern views" and the Education Minister Mikail Jabbarov "On some issues of the integration of science and education" the three main papers were given.


I was president of the National Academy of Sciences, acad the challenges of the modern world, but also in terms of socio-economic development of the new doctrine would like to speak about the report, which reflects the basic postulates.


Akif Alizadeh the President "should become a center of the region's science!" The call of the strategic goal for the near future to achieve this goal, the scientists said that the suggested specific tasks. Akif Alizadeh noted that some of the science behind the stage is characterized by objective and subjective problems associated with the reforms embarked on a new path of development. It is notable that the positive trends observed in the science of concrete figures are confirmed as reflected in the prestigious international rankings.


President of the Academy of Azerbaijani scientists from different countries turned towards the origin, according to the information we have, in general, more than 500 scientist working abroad. This is a great force. In our country, as well as scholars in and outside of our state, our nation's interests, should be mobilized for the development of its intellectual potential.


It is remarkable that, as the person responsible for the development of science in the field of academic research activities Alizadeh has also mentioned a number of problems to be solved. Put forward concrete proposals for their solution. He noted that the research does not stand in the face of challenges and their solutions so simple and energetic power system requires the entire scientific community. Scientific management arrangement for the benefit of all the rings and organized as a force must be employed simultaneously. This is the state of the country's leading intellectual center of science and technology policy and will be an integral element to turn.


I also Minister of Education Congress, which is one of the main məruzəcilərindən Michael Cabbarov some problems related to the integration of science and education, I would like to mention in his speech. The Minister said that the most important issue facing us today to achieve the integration of science and education, to strengthen their interactions. He noted that the determination of priorities for scientific research institutions of higher education are very important. Institutions of higher education, scientific research, to find the financial resources to expand the measures to be implemented.


Of course, science and education are part of a great whole. So, scientific education, training and the lack of knowledge, it is impossible to imagine. The congress about the prospects of cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the National Academy of Sciences was discussed.


- Rasim teacher, as is well known, the scientists first Congress regarding the application of ICT and innovation in the format of the previous measures differed substantially. What can you say about it?


- Absolutely. Given the great importance of the issues discussed at the congress, the Azerbaijanis living in different countries, in particular to be aware of these issues in the live broadcast of the event was held over the Internet. Thus, the Congress, both physical and virtual form in place. In other words, those who attended the conference live, as well as the opportunity to participate in a virtual set. Numerous built-in virtual participants feedback and abroad showed that appeals to Congress, acting outside event followed with great interest by the citizens.


- Probably virtual performances and congratulations to the congress, applications should be noted as well.


- Of course. Research centers around the world congress of Azerbaijani origin and scientists working in prestigious universities participated virtually. Of them are world famous, I would like to emphasize Professor Lotfi Zadeh. He noted that the effect of having two very lucky. First, competent and visionary leadership, skilled people and natural resources - particularly oil and gas. The wealth of a country has to take the initiative. One of them is the science of 2013, is the Year of Information Technology. Speaking at the launch of the Summer Games in Europe, "Eurovision" and other initiatives introduced in the world. The strategic development of a world-renowned scientist is the cause of this price, the development of science and reaffirms the role of intelligence. Also, I would like to point out that such a world-renowned scholar of his attitude shows that the processes are followed precisely to as Azerbaijani homeland, he is considered an integral part of science.


- Which is the main organizers of the congress with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies can say about the prospects of cooperation between NASA?


- In recent years, the attention of the country's leadership by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies are widely used in various social and economic spheres of ICT and the emerging information society successfully, in different spheres of society as a result of the rapid development of ICT infrastructure and the expansion of e-government, e-learning and so on. As virtual environments is formed. As a result, it has become a regional leader in the field of ICT. Ali Abbasov said at the congress, the World Economic Forum in the last 10 years, according to reports received by the world's most dynamic economy, competitiveness of the economy in the world, 38th, 49th place for the development of ICT in government ICT from the perspective of the future development of the 6th place.


In addition to all these achievements, the formation of network infrastructure across the country, scientific information resources, integrated into the international scientific environment, the demand for computing and memory resources of the scientists, and others as a result of the elimination of the digital divide. A number of measures as are necessary to carry out the directions. The measures required to implement them in the vast majority of the scientific approach, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies requires.


The congress will further expand the application of information and communication technologies in scientific activity, "State Program on Informatization of Science", the adoption of information technology and the Internet in the dissemination of scientific resources related to the implementation of measures to strengthen cooperation between the two organizations on the direction was decided.


The keynote speaker at the conference, the Minister of Communications and High Technologies Ali Abbasov said that the human potential in a sustainable way of increasing global competition, the young, creative, making maximum use of high intellectual level of talent of the people is extremely important in terms of innovative development. ICT, nanotechnology, aerospace, microelectronics, nuclear, biotechnology and other scientific areas are considered priority areas of staff training.


All of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies opens perspectives on further cooperation.


- Was adopted by Congress as a result of an official document?


- As a result of discussions at the conference, the statements made in the main report, which summarizes the proposals in various speeches, "the scholars of the First Congress Declaration" was adopted. The declaration of state, business and civil society sectors of the scientific research, "the 2020" concept arising out of the arrest of senior positions, fundamental and applied research priorities, the development of international scientific cooperation, integration of science and education as a social institution to achieve a uniform as reflected in the significant issues. Also, the widespread use of ICT, the intellectual formation of youth, strengthening the material-technical base of science, scientists and improvement of social conditions, strengthening the regulatory framework in the field of scientific activities, multidisciplinary approach in fundamental scientific research as a priority direction of the adoption of measures to popularize science further strengthening. The main provisions of the Universal Declaration of issues.


- Rasim teachers, thank you for the interesting interview, we wish you every success in your future endeavors.


- Thank you. Taking this opportunity, on behalf of the Congress Organizing Committee and the scientific community on December 31 on the occasion of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis and New Year's Day is celebrated all over the world Azerbaijanis, for the sake of solidarity, I invite them.

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