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Institute of Information Technology department head, doctor of technical sciences, professor conducting research on Masuma Mamedov electronic medical problems. He studies the emergence of e-health, e-medicine application trends, problems in terminology in this field, criteria for assessing the level of information technology in healthcare, e-medicine patients, physicians and health care opportunities for leaders and others. As issues.


According to researchers, the electronic medical information and communication technology (ICT) services to the medical field and in the interests of all participants in the process of exchange of information on the services and tools for rendering complex. Electronic health, medical informatics, health and occurred at the intersection of business, medical services through the Internet and related technologies in the field. Not only in the broad sense of the term technical development, as well as regional and global scale, which is necessary for the improvement of health through the use of ICT, new attitude, a new way of thinking, is the embodiment of loyalty to the network and global thinking.


The purpose of the quality of its medical services to the population, accessibility of services to the health care system, public awareness about their own health and use of health resources through the application of modern information technology to increase efficiency. Electronic medical health protection involves the use of ICT.


Use of ICT in the European Union to assess the health of the key indicators that were used to obtain M.Mammadova this medical information and services using the Internet and the use of ICT in the percentage of the population (the use of computers in the workplace, Internet access and data search, trade , pharmacies and patients to exchange information via the Internet, electronic medical card patients, the use of electronic signatures etc.) that is measured by the percentage of physicians.


Then, in 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) adopted a resolution in the field of e-health and e-health, said that the concept of the first steps in this area.


WHO calls for states to provide information about the study's author, said that the implementation of e-health services and legal basis for the development of strategic plans, participants in the mobilization and coordination of stakeholders, benchmarking and best practices, the establishment of national centers for the detection of the most important issues in this field.


Electronic creation of a number of key areas of medicine provides important findings: "The application of electronic medical cards, registration of automation implementation, documentation, archiving electronic form, to the computerization of the workplace physician, patient, and private office manager, digital recipe, teletibbin development the creation of a common information space in the health system, including the health status of the population, epidemiological and health monitoring systems development. He said the introduction of e-medicine ".


The patient's electronic medical card (ETK) or from the date of his birth is filled electronic health card and the process continues throughout her entire life. ETK basic element of e-medicine.


Until the mid 1990s, "telemedicine", a term widely used term that emphasizes research by the authors later telemedicine and e-health, said telesəhiyyə defined concepts. According to the author of the research, there are different views on these terms: telemedicine and e-health in a group of the same concepts that the author, others, e-health, including telemedicine, means that more comprehensive term. Telemedicine and e-health researchers are saying that the different concepts teletibbin telekardiologiya, etc. teleradiologiya. covers the use of e-health services in the ICT in health, medicine, communication services, hospitals, medical information systems, e-learning, e-determination of drugs and other treatments. He noted that it contains.


According to the American Telemedicine agency, covering a wide range of health services for telemedicine and distance learning telesəhiyyə-terms are synonymous.

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