He was awarded with the honorary title of Fellow of the Institute of 2014-12-15 11:38:25 / CONFERENCES

NASA's scientific institutions and organizations, "Youth for the Presidential Award" nominated 13 young scientists, including the Institute of Information Technology, PhD, Head of Sector, for excellence in scientific activity PhD Nigar Ismailov was awarded with the honorary title of National Academy of Sciences . Decrees of the Presidium of young scientists were presented at a meeting held on December 10.


Note that the E-Library Center at N.Ismayilova biblio sector currently is the head of the institute. It also bibliometry evolution of modern problems, the prospects for a solution, and the world of scientific research carried out in different directions bibliometrik analysis, preparation of maps bibliometrik science, the application of the theory of fuzzy sets intellektuallıgının bibliometrik methods to improve the performance evaluation of social networks is conducting research directions.

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