E-government information security research work is carried out to ensure 2014-11-28 17:28:57 / CONFERENCES

2nd meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Information Technology Department, delivered a report on the current year.


Head of department, PhD Remembrance Imamverdiyev research, scientific innovation, scientific and educational activities, international conferences, well-known scientific journals, books of various types, etc. to promote scientific and practical results in the media. spoke about the work done.


Y.Imamverdiyev the "E-government information security to ensure the development of methods and models" and added that the work carried out for the research. The direction of the department of e-government information security situations and strategic management, monitoring and coordination of information security, the security of cloud technologies, safe and effective management of personal data segment of the problems that have been studied. He noted that the department of e-government information security management, software cavities of the forecasting period of time, a wide range of information security monitoring, online monitoring, optimization of networks, including dynamic clouds for federalization of the hierarchical risk assessment system, some of which take place in the cloud infrastructure detection of attacks, the a number of methods and models for speaker recognition was proposed, research results have been published in prestigious scientific journals.


Y.Imamverdiyev, as well as the scientific work carried out within the framework of AzScienceCERT briefed on innovation, management of information security incidents, said the work done to educate users in the field of information security. He said that AzScienceCERT have to work on the development of international relations and developed a number of proposals to improve performance in this area.


The speaker on innovation and scientific research papers in conferences, seminars held around the problems sobədaxili, said that the establishment of international relations research, talented young man drew attention to the work done in connection with recruitment.


Debate on the report of the Chief Engineer, PhD Rashid Alekperov, doctor of technical sciences Ramiz Aliguliyev, PhD, Assistant Professor Z. Jabrayilova, Bikes Altun PhD in economics PhD, associate professor Əlövsət sang the recommendations. Was considered satisfactory by the decision of the Scientific Council of the department.

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