Scientometrics and explores the challenges of e-science in the formation of the Institute 2014-11-28 16:58:56 / CONFERENCES

Meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Information Technology Department, No. 3, 2014, to discuss the report.


Branch Manager Tahmasib Fataliyev this year, made a presentation on the work done and the results obtained. He said that the activities of the department "in AR in 2009-2015 on the implementation of the National Strategy for the development of science program", AR on "e-government" on the formation of the Action Programme, "the 2020" Development Concept and the "National Strategy for 2014-2020, the scientific activity aimed at addressing the issues raised.


About the research work carried out as part of the reporting department and e-science in the formation and development of scientometrics tədqiqalar held on the formation problems noted.


TFətəliyev also noted that the issues of performance evaluation of the researcher in the department of dissertations and research expertise and to develop new evaluation mechanisms were investigated and characterized as e-science and non-science in the formation of a new direction, the prospects of establishing a conceptual issues were investigated and developed non-scientific projects.


He representation of the scientific bases of scientific journals of international investigations and studies to address the problems in the implementation of "e-science" program, which is a key aspect of the scientific information provider prioriret noted that the issue of forming and presented the results of the study.


The lecturer in the department of the results achieved during the current year had been published and discussed at scientific conferences. According to him, the department held a seminar for 12, 3 and 1 express information of scientific articles, 7 international and national employees of the department participated in conferences and media.


Noting the work done within the framework of scientific and innovative activities within the project TFətəliyev two studies in this direction, he said.


He is also an international scientific cooperation, scientific and technical conferences, seminars and symposiums, books and electronic publication, a well-known scientific journals, scientific and practical results in the promotion of media, advertising and marketing departments of the organization and functioning of scientific and organizational informed about the work done in the department.


Department of scientific and theoretical discussions on areas of capacity building activities and performed tricks. Activities of the department was considered satisfactory by the academic council.

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