Physicians will be able to diagnose heart problems with a smartphone 2017-09-12 15:30:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

Scientists from the Caltech Institute have learned to diagnose the heart by using a conventional smartphone.

A special application turns a smartphone camera into a gadget for diagnostics. It is necessary to apply it for 2 minutes to the neck, after which the chamber estimates the amount of blood that passes through the carotid artery and determines the ejection fraction according to the Teicholtz or Simpson formula. Today - this is the main criterion for assessing the work of the heart.

The error with the use of a smartphone was 19%, while the standard ultrasound indicator is 20%. The smartphone is enough for the procedure 2 minutes, while for echocardiography lasts 30-60 minutes from a specialist. During the experiment was used iPhone 5, but, according to the doctors, any modern smartphone will do.

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