Virtual child was created 2017-09-12 14:51:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

Marko Sagar, a Holland programmer, made a 3D-model with his own child, which can be reactivated to the people and even play virtual piano.

Sagar, who began his career with the body modeling in the medical teens, soon succeeded in the CGI graphics for the same movies as King Kong and Avatar, and now sits on "artificial intelligence",  reports.

We would like to post a comment, or just be told to do it, but it is motivated to learn and interact with the world. Well, I sent this crazy task - to try to complement the computing model of humanity 's perception. "

The idea is to embody the original BabyX project, making Sagar use photographs for the moment of its 18-month birthday. At the start of the project, virtual rebuilding, which only exists on the computer, can be reagrived by the action of the people who are on the horizon.

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