The inventor of the Internet has decided to destroy it 2018-10-03 15:00:00 / TECHNOLOGİCAL İNNOVATİONS

The creator of the modern Internet Timothy Berners-Lee (Timothy Berners-Lee) introduced a new structure Inrupt. The project will create applications that give users the right to independently store their data. It is reported by the publication Business Insider.

Inrupt will provide the commercial side of the large-scale Solid project, on which the Berners-Lee team has been working for several years. This open source platform allows all users to choose where to store their personal information and with whom to share it.

This principle goes against the existing rules for storing data on the network, where all users give personal information to large IT companies – search engines, social networks, instant messengers. Corporations are monopolists that hold all data on their servers. This makes data arrays vulnerable to hacker attacks.

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