In Japan, will create a robot to neutralize sea mines 2018-07-06 13:47:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

The robot, capable of locating and neutralizing sea mines, will be manufactured by the Japanese corporation Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, commissioned by the defense ministry of the country of the rising sun.

According to the edition of The Japan Times, we are talking about a whole robotic complex - that is, besides, in fact, an underwater robot, it will include a surface robotic boat.

"The robot will be a much more effective solution than the minesweepers, more precisely, not a robot in itself, but a tandem from an underwater robot and a robocopter." The first will deal with the direct detection of mines, and the second will destroy them, "say the developers of the prospective complex.

The military is willing to spend four billion Japanese yen to build a robot. That, if anything, is about thirty-six million US dollars. The robot, at the same time, is being developed in the framework of the project to create a prospective destroyer, the displacement of which will be almost four thousand tons. It is assumed that the robot will be completely ready only by 2022, so in the next few years the Japanese will search and neutralize sea mines in the traditional way - with the help of special ships and boats.


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