A new format for JPEG XS for virtual reality, drones and autonomous vehicles presented 2018-04-12 17:00:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), an international committee led by Professor EPFL, introduced the new format of JPEG XS. It allows you to compress images using less energy, and send high-quality images over networks with low latency like 5G. JPEG XS will find application in such areas as virtual reality, augmented reality, space visualization, self-guided cars and professional editing of films.

With JPEG XS, images and video will be able to maintain the highest level of quality, by simplifying and accelerating the compression process - and this will also mean energy efficiency. Compressed files will be larger, but this is not a problem for broadband data networks like Wi-Fi or 5G: the task is set to transfer files, rather than store them on smartphones or other devices with limited memory.

JPEG compression, which has been popular for the last 25 years, usually reduces the size of the image file by ten orders of magnitude. The compression process was designed so that images could be stored in cameras with a limited amount of memory and can be easily transferred through the network. However, new tasks, new applications, more efficient data transmission networks and technological achievements are coming. The standard JPEG XS compresses files six orders of magnitude and does not necessarily replace the popular JPEG format. He will simply find another application, and there will be a lot of them.


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