An article published in “Information Processing and Management” journal was discussed 2017-04-10 18:31:43 / CONFERENCES

A regular scientific seminar of Department No. 13  dedicated to discussion of article  named  "Opinion online hotel reviews from mining, text summarization approach , ( " Ya-Han Hu, Yen-Liang Chen, Hui-Ling Chou , Information Processing and Management, 2017, vol53, issue 2, pp. 436449) was held at  the Institute of Information Technology.


Today, Internet technologies and  development  of "Web 2.0" applications has an impact on the tourism industry and lead to changes in this area, research fellow of the institute Gunay Niftaliyeva said.


"At present, people can get detailed information about  any hotel , restaurant  through a number of tourism forums and social networking sites “-she noted.  In the article, ''opinion mining "approach has been suggested. According to her, a method for ranking the degree of importance of sentences was offered in the article.


In the end, there was an exchange of views on the subject, many questions were answered.

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