The Chinese have shown self-driving car with a bed 2017-04-07 11:06:05 / CONFERENCES

A unit of China’s startup NextEV NIO introduced the concept of an unmanned vehicle that can adapt the interior for the owner.


The division of the NIO introduced the concept of an unmanned vehicle with an adaptable cabin. The vehicle, dubbed EVE, would constitute a hatchback and is equipped with sofas for passengers, panoramic roof, passenger and driver front seats, sliding doors and folding chair bed,  reports.


Manage the onboard systems of EVE artificial intelligence will be NOMI . In the course of work the computer will keep track of the preferences and habits of the owner and create a travel route in accordance with them. Furthermore, NOMI is designed for individual adjustment of the light intensity in the cabin and speed. If desired, the driver can take control of the car — then the AI will play the role of a helper.


The vehicle length is not specified, it is assumed that it will be comparable to the traditional minivan. Other technical details of the concept are not disclosed. In the NIO reported that most of the innovations in the project will be implemented in new production cars. The company intends to start its production by 2020, writes Mashable.

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