December 9 –Birthday of a computer mouse 2016-12-15 13:48:44 / CONFERENCES

December 9, 1968 the first computer mouse was invented. Douglas Engelbart's invention was a wooden cube on wheels with one-click. As it looked like the tail of this mouse, inventor named it computer mouse.


The first mouse is engineer Bill English, a software author is Jeff Rulifson. Inside the device there were two metal discs: one turned, when the device to move forward, the second in charge of the movement of the mouse left and right.


Later, the idea of ​​Engelbart became interested in the company Xerox. Its researchers have changed the design of the mouse, and it became similar to the modern. In early 1970, Xerox introduced the first mouse as part of a personal computer. It had three buttons instead of the ball and disc rollers, and cost $ 400!


In 1983, the company Apple released its own model of single-button mouse for the Lisa computer, the cost of which was reduced to $ 25. The widespread popularity of the mouse acquired through the use of Apple Macintosh computers and later Windows OS for IBM PC.


Today, there are two types of computer mice: mechanical and optical.


The latest innovation technology became wireless mouse. Initially, each manufacturer developed its own signal transmission method. Subsequently, however, it became more and more widely used Bluetooth-connection for communication that will get rid of the receiving device, as some computers (especially laptops) are already equipped with Bluetooth-adapter.

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