Azerbaijan is among leaders for ICT development index 2016-12-05 10:06:55 / CONFERENCES

Azerbaijan took the 58th place in the ranking of the world development index of information and communication technologies (IDI) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), said the report “Measuring the Information Society 2016” published on the ITU website. (It should be noted that our country ranked 67th in last year’s ranking).

According to this indicator Azerbaijan ranks fourth in the CIS region after Belarus (31st place), Russia (43) and Kazakhstan (52), leaving behind Moldova (68), Armenia (71), Georgia (72), Ukraine (76), Uzbekistan (110) and Kyrgyzstan (113).

According to ITU estimates, in 2016 Azerbaijan’s IDI amounted to 6.28 against 6.23 a year earlier.
In 2016, the access sub-index was 6.78 (63rd  place) and the use  sub-index - 5.70 (50th place).

The report also provides data on the cost of the 2015 basket of fixed and mobile broadband. According to ITU estimates, the cost of a basket of services in the fixed broadband in Azerbaijan according to the results of 2015, amounted to 1.54 percent of GDP,  a basket of mobile broadband services - 0.62 and 1.08 percent  depending on the user category Prepaid and Postpaid, respectively.

According to ITU, the penetration rate of fixed telephony in Azerbaijan in 2015 amounted to 18.7 percent (1.06 percent lower than in 2014) and mobile - 111.3 percent, which is 0.36 percent more than in 2014.

62.4 percent of households use computers in the country and the Internet penetration rate among home users is 76.7 percent. The growth of these indicators in 2015 compared to the previous year amounted to 3.48 and 0.65 percent, respectively.

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