Human face "was published in" with the help of 3D technology 2016-11-22 11:23:17 / CONFERENCES

Carlito Conceicao, 54-year-old patient, a cancer survivor, was the first man who made a face prosthesis with help of 3D-printing.


His face was photographed and  after surgery  the missing part of the face was restored by using smartphone application.


This affordable technology can help so many patients who live in the most remote areas of the world where there are minimal health services, the researchers hope.


According to site, back in 2008, Carlito Conceicao was diagnosed with carcinoma of the upper maxilla, an aggressive form of cancer that develops in the upper mouth.


The cancer was spreading rapidly, destroying the tissue on the right side of his face and damaging his throat. Several operations stopped the spread of cancer before it reached his brain, but when the tumor was removed, a huge gaping hole  was appeared. In addition, the patient lost his right eye socket and nose piece, which plunged him into utter depression.


My first prosthesis was fragile and constantly was falling. "I felt completely disfigured and ugly", said Conceicao.


But in February 2016 he was offered an innovative procedure using a smartphone to restore the missing part of face with 3D technology. New polished  hand prosthesis gave him back his willingness to live.

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