The head of department made a report on the latest innovations in the field of ICT 2016-11-01 10:15:10 / CONFERENCES

Head of department of the Institute of Information Technology-Anar Samidov made a report at scientific seminar and brought to the attention to ICT innovations. He gave information about "Carbon3D" printers. The device used in the new technology in the field of 3D-printing is revolution, he said. Working principles of new technology"Continuous Liquid Interface Production" (CLIP) is to use light and oxygen for making hard the photosensitive resin.


The speaker spoke about the smallest mobile printer for smartphones and tablet device and noted that to display any content (Web pages, notes, pictures, etc.) is possible to print. He noted that the main feature of the "droPrinter" is to require no ink during the printing process. At “Kickstarter”kraudfandinq (financial involvement in the project mechanisms of the wide masses) platform funds for a mini-printer are gathered. The device is connected to mobile phone via “Bluetooth”, “iOS” and “Android” operating systems are supported.


A.Samidov providing information about the unusual device “SnapJet”, said that the device is able to print a photo of any of its smartphone screen. It’s said, the device is distinguished by its competitors does not require a wired or wireless connection. To print photos from any device, including the screen face down is placed on the “SnapJet” need to squeeze button.


He also stressed the benefits of a wireless mouse “Scan Wireless” and a portable scanner. The size of the device to scan photos and text is 400 dpi.


The report was welcomed by the participants. A number of questions were answered.

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