Data integration is important for the implementation of the concept of Big Data 2016-11-01 10:03:42 / CONFERENCES

There are some characteristics such as the concept of Big Data, which reflects the difference between Big Data and other datas, the volume, velocity, variety, quality, value and so on. The characteristics cover of the main problems that exist in the application of the data.


The chief project engineer of the Institute of Information Technology, PhD Makrufa Hajirahimova talked about it at scientific seminar during a speech on the topic "Large data integration". He noted that the urgency of the problem, Big Data is very important in all areas of any enterprise. For the realization of the concept of large-scale data, the integration of heterogeneous data is important issue. So, if data fit and relate the other datas they are more valuable. This also increases the urgency of the problem of data integration.


The reporter said that the integration of data from various sources to provide the user in the form of data integration and unification. She also spoke about semantic integration, the logical and physical levels. She noted that the integrated system architecture, user interface, supporting the integration of data from different sources, and the development of the model is the main issues of integration.


M.Hajirahimova give detailed information about traditional data integration methods (ETL - Extract, Transform and Load, EAI - Enterprise Application Integration, CDC - Change Data Capture), big difference between data integration and traditional integration of data, steps and principles of integration. She spoke about architecture, semantic and ontologiyaya based approaches in big data integration and data mining approaches.


“In addition, big data give an impetus to the economic development of the society, put the scientific community to face a lot of problems, has created a new research paradigm. In this regard, the main research topics of data is to develop more flexible models of integration “, - the speaker said.She noted that Big data architecture, scalability, gathering, processing, storage, analytics, security, visualization, and other scientific problems are being investigated by researchers.


She also spoke about the manufacturers of integrated tools "Talend" (Open Studio for Big Data), "Syncsort" (DMExpress), "Pentaho" (Data Integration), "Oracle" (Data Integrator), "IBM" (InfoSphere BigInsights) and noted that the first Big Data integration solutions for companies are offered.

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