"Plagiarism and fighting against it" scientific-practical seminar held 2016-10-25 10:14:17 / CONFERENCES

In present-day world, scope of plagiarism in science researches has become a global problem. With the introduction of information technology in the deepening of this industry, most of the scientific literature to be accessible over the Internet, as well as the services offered by the international scientific databases and libraries while promoting scientific creativity creates opportunities for plagiarism. All of these make necessary to investigate fighting methods against plagiarism in whole world, including Azerbaijan and specially to be focused on this area.


“Plagiarism and fighting against” scientific-practical seminar, which was held at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS (IIT) aimed at discussing on prevention of plagiarism and sharing experiences in this area. Event co-organized by the Institute of Information Technology and the U.S. 'Turnitin' Co. brought together responsible people from higher education and scientific research institutions in the country, scientists and experts of the institute and organizations of ANAS, including media representatives. 


Opening the event Academician-Secretary of ANAS, director of ANAS IIT, Academician Rasim Alguliyev spoke about the importance of the event concerning plagiarism and fighting against. He noted that, one of the stakeholders in this sphere is ANAS, coordinating body of scientific activity in the country. Academy boosts the protection of intellectual property in general, and regularly conducts educational work.


R.Alguliyev also drew attention to the issues reflected in the Law of Science concerning scientific ethics, intellectual property rights protection, and fighting against plagiarism.


Putting to the fore the importance of creation and application of national anti-plagiarism system in the country scientist challenged relevant government agencies, scientists and specialists to merge efforts in the implementation of this task.


Afterwards, Professor at England Coventry University Dr. Thomas Lancastermade a presentation on "Plagiarism in higher education", related to current problems in higher education institutions on plagiarism and their solutions. In order to achieve success in all spheres of society and look for shortcut and illegal actions, dealing with plagiarism is widespread. In such an environment, some young scientists and researchers be not aware of their responsibility to carry out scientific activities by transferring the Internet and other sources, raises serious concerns. One of the main solutions to this problem lies in the fact that to carry out awareness raising activities on plagiarism should be started since in the secondary school, anti-plagiarism systems, tools and mechanisms should be taught to students, he stated.


Rector of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic Baku Higher Oil School Elmar Gasimov delivered a lecture on "Application of Turnitin anti-plagiarism system to the Baku Higher Oil School” and informed about agreement of cooperation signed via "Turnitin", which provides to study the company's experience and apply to the Baku Higher Oil School. Moreover, he brought to mind brief statistical information about "Turnitin" system, system's basic capabilities, applicable rules against the problem of plagiarism in education and Baku Higher Oil School.


The reporter noted that “Turnitin” system is an effective tool for revealing plagiarism in texts, including students to prepare their reports and scientific studies in accordance with international standards, and to compile correct reference to text citations and original sources.

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