The program discussed the management of the network technologies 2016-06-08 12:15:10 / CONFERENCES

No. 4 Institute of Information Technology Department, hosted the seminar.


"Software-driven network technologies" which presented a report on the Yaqubov Mammadrasul AzScienceNet network administrator gave detailed information on these technologies. The program, managed network technologies (Software Defined Networking - SDN), which enables network administrators managing networks of high-level funksionallıqlar said.


The report deals with the traditional network routers managing routers, management and data management program, saying that it is composed of panels and controllers spoke about the basic concept of the network technologies.


The speaker said that these technologies controller and network security issues, among other equipment or software-based protocol that is sensitive to the threats that would reduce the efficiency of the network and centralized management point of system failure or exposure to risk the attack, he said. It is used to address issues such as scientific and technical approaches and methods have been highlighted.


He also spoke about the prospects of program management, network technologies, and the new concept of network engineering, he said that increasingly replace traditional network technologies.


Kontrollerlərə and distribution of resources to different users, optimization and so on. In order to solve the problems associated with network technologies, managed the program noted the need for continued research.


Then we exchanged views on the subject. The reporter answered the questions of participants.

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