"Fuzzy time series forecasting based on the thesis" has been defended 2016-06-08 11:39:06 / CONFERENCES

On May 27 Dissertation Council was held at the Institute of Information Technology.


The event was opened by the Chairman of the Council of ANAS, academician-secretary of the institute, academician R.Aliguliyev informed about the agenda of the session on the case of Mehmet Hashimov dissertation official opponents, leading the organization, the date of the appointment of defense and Mohubbat Ahmadov's "Fuzzy based on the time series forecasting "was devoted to the defense of the dissertation.


First 1203.01 - "Computer Science" specialty to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Mehmet Hashimov "Development of methods and algorithms for the synthesis of a network of services in the cloud," the official opponents of the thesis presented in the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vidadi Musayev and techniques Dr. Lala Karimova, the leading organization Baku State University, "Information technologies and programming" department of defense of the thesis were the year ended 30 June 2016 and was approved.


Then he defended a thesis Mohubbat Ahmadov.


Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council, PhD arrow board members introduced the documents in the files of the applicant.


Having presented his thesis M.Ahmadov urgency, purpose, determined to reach the goal of issues brought to the attention.


in connection with, he said.


He noted that the purpose of research to improve the accuracy of prediction of fuzzy knowledge base at the time of selection and the logic of an effective mechanism to find the optimum implikasiyanın.


He said that the thesis that the scientific innovation, knowledge and experience in terms of increasing the efficiency of computational linguistic variables to take into account and having a fuzzy time series has been studied classical favorable than in the time series. In order to solve the problem of time series forecasting based on fuzzy inference mechanism, which involves the selection of fuzzy implikasiyanın imitation model has been proposed. Fuzzy time series forecasting based on the proposed new forecasting method for solving the problem of electricity production to be effective, has to be resolved prediction.


M.Ahmadov scientific and practical significance of the study, which tells the story of the time series forecasting based on fuzzy algorithm was proposed to solve the problems and procedures, regardless of the nature of the manufacturing process can be applied in various fields of business and economics.


Later, the candidate answered numerous questions.


Corresponding member of the scientific adviser, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Rafiq Aliyev voiced opinions on the case study.


And a synopsis of comments received on the thesis RSıxəliyev briefed.


Thesis on the official opponents - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Muhammad Ahmadov, associate professor Ramin Rzayev spoke about the importance of the findings of the study noted, stressing that scientific innovation, suggestions and comments were reported.


During the discussions, academic R.Aliguliyev, techniques doctors, professors Masuma Mammadova, Javanshir Mammadov and Nadir Agayev, Doctor of Technical Sciences Ramiz Aliguliyev and PhD in economics, professor Alovsat Aliyev and PhD, associate professor spoke about her dissertation work, set Jabrayilova carrying out fundamental research to reach the goal, it is important that the scientific results were reported.


Ahmadov secret ballot was held after the final conclusions of the applicant and to grant the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Technology of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic has been proposed to apply to.

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