Next scientific seminar held at the Institute of Information Technology 2016-04-26 12:15:35 / CONFERENCES


Institute of Information Technology of ANAS held a next scientific seminar.

The event was opened by the Technical Director of the Institute Dr. Rashid Alakbarov. He informed about the issues on the agenda and spoke about the emergence of cloud technologies, development stages of and current status, including possibilities and advantages of this technology.

Later, the plaintiff Mammad Hashimov presented his dissertation on the "Development of methods and algorithms for the synthesis of cloud services in the network environment," in the specialty 1203.01 - "Computer Science" and informed about the relevance and purpose of the thesis topic, and mentioned the issues defined to reach the goal.

Computing power of personal computers are not sufficient for the solution of complex problems in various fields of science that require large computing and memory resources, he noted. High-performance supercomputers play an important role in solving complex problems, however, a number of countries avoid buying them because of their high cost. Therefore, efficient use of computing and memory resources of cloud-based data processing centers (DPC) is of great importance.

Later, the candidate answered numerous questions.

Doctor of technical sciences, professor Masuma Mammadova, Doctor of Technical Sciences Ramiz Aliguliyev, Ph.D. Bikas Agayev, Firudin Aghayev, Shafagat Mahmudova, Ph.D., associate professor Alovsat Aliyev, Ph.D. in physics and mathematics Tofig Karimov and others took part in the discussion and highly appreciated the thesis.

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