Institute of Information technology of ANAS internationally corporates in the field of antiplagiarism 2016-04-14 17:34:03 / CONFERENCES


Well-known "Turnitin" Antiplagiarism company representative Katya Levcenkodiscussed corporates in the field of antiplagiarism with the academician-secretary of ANAS, director of the institute of information Technology of ANAS, acad.Rasim Alguliyev at the meeting.


Academician stressed the importance of an initial review of the current issues in the context of scientific arena. He gave detailed information about the intellectual property and copyright protection, assessment of knowledge, as well as all the actors in the production of knowledge, the prospects of the policies adopted by states and international organizations in this area, comprehensive assessment and protection of creative activity, and finally about the importance of academic ethics in the formation of the knowledge society. The intellectual property protection in Azerbaijan, including the work done in the fight against Plagiarism, and the research conducted at the institute and obtained results were discussed.


To examine the ways of fighting Plagiarism, it is important to take  into account such factors as the rapid growth in the number of scientific publications, the diversity of language and context, machine translation constraints, and the financial issues of  accessing scientific bases, head of department, Doctor of Technical Sciences Ramiz Aliguliyev stated. Therefore, the institute conducts researches in machine learning, Data Mining, Machine Translation, statistics, social network analysis, Scientometrics, and bibliometrics. The newly published "Anti-Plagiarism technologies," book covers the scientific results obtained by the institute, he noted.


Katya Levchenko highly appreciated the institute's scientific activities in these areas and talked about the organization represented by her and stressed the importance of scientific support in the fight against Plagiarism. The guest commented on the basic principles and complex methods used in the development of "Turnitin" software products designed to combat the Plagiarism.


The main office of the company is located in America, and the international offices in the UK, she said. "Turnitin" and "iThenticate" software are the main products of the company Mrs. Levchenko added. With the help of the program authors, researchers and editors analyze and compare proposed published scientific works with 56 billion web-pages and 142 million works.

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