Scientific - intellectual database to be created in Azerbaijan within ‘National Digital Memory’ project 2016-03-02 10:58:28 / CONFERENCES

An electronic scientific and intellectual database is being created in Azerbaijan within the framework of the “National Digital Memory” project. The database, which is now being created at Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) as one of the main requirements of science, will offer wide opportunities for preserving more reliably scientific heritage and using it in accordance with the requirements of the modern era. ANAS says that the creation of the electronic scientific and intellectual base is the next step being taken within the “National Digital Memory” project. “There is a strong need for the formation of a single electronic scientific - intellectual database for research activities. Today, all institutes of ANAS have their own electronic resources. The new database will integrate all these electronic resources into a single format and will enable easy exchange of available scientific information.”    



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