"Glossary of terms of information security" has been published 2015-12-11 10:58:16 / CONFERENCES

In the context of globalization and rapid scientific and technical progress are of particular importance. The number of terms in relation to the development of different subject areas is increasing day by day. The trend in the field of information security, faster and more dynamic.


Information security professionals on the front of the formation of the new terms are a number of serious problems terminsunaslıq. The above-mentioned areas of common definitions (terms and definitions) in scientific research on information security is one of the priority issues.


To this end, the Institute of Information Technologies of the "Glossary of terms of information security" was developed. Such a publication of the dictionary is to systematize the terminology in the field of information security.


The author of the chief department of the book, Yadigar Imamverdiyev PhD, scientific editor of a leading scientific worker of the institute, PhD Ramiz Shikhaliyev.


It includes scientific and practical work on the key aspects of information security, covering more than 600 scientific and popular literature, the common term, collected and translated English version was presented.


The book, which specializes in information security experts, is intended for researchers and students.

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