"CorelDraw" practical material has been published 2015-10-23 17:39:58 / CONFERENCES

"CorelDraw" practical material has been published. The book's authors and a researcher at Institute of Information Technology Programmer Rana Gozalova and Hicran Gozalova, a senior researcher at the institute staff reviewers Gulnara Mammadova and Tamilla Bayramova.


The book is recommended for publication by decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute, the program's interface, commands, and is about the basic operations. Setting the work environment, work with text and colors, figures, contours, creating depictions of point work, special effects, image printing and so on. It was explained in detail. Practical Manual for a short period "from the simple to the complex," based on the principle of vector graphics is not so difficult to learn. English and Russian version of the program in accordance with the names of menu items and tools were in both languages. CorelDRAW program that allows you to understand all the possibilities of each subject was told several examples.


Book CorelDRAW users who want to learn the free program is designed for teachers who teach the program. Web designers and programmers who deal with graphics CorelDRAWX6 graphics editor which is popular among those interested in this field can be a handbook.

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