"AzScienceNet parallel programming systems applied" scientific seminar 2015-10-01 17:36:35 / CONFERENCES

Scientific seminar was held at the Institute of Information Technology. Chief Engineer, Rashid Alakbarov PhD event "AzScienceNet parallel programming systems application" was dedicated to the issue said.


Samad Dursunov Institute and presented a report Mammadrasul Yaqubov.


Samad Dursunov for professionals who deal with large-scale computing, said that a necessary condition for increasing computing speed, in turn, the cost of this process, he said: "For this reason, accelerated software development and distribution of open operating systems. With the help of these two factors and the efficiency of supercomputers, many times less than the rate of increase was made possible by spending money "- the essence of programming in parallel with the speaker, coxprosessorlu computing systems topologies example, spoke about the matrix multiplication.


Other speakers talked about the advantages of this type of calculation Mammadrasul Yaqubov parallel computations that are difficult to resolve, especially in solving problems that require great efforts have been used. Parallel computing has increased the performance of the program, the less time to resolve the issues noted. Parallel computing systems, performance and price, algorithms, parallel systems, parallel programming models talked about.


Then we exchanged views on the report, put forward various proposals.

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