Measures are being taken in the direction of international cooperation in the scientific bases 2015-09-23 14:59:45 / CONFERENCES

The widespread use of the scientific bases of modern science integrated into the world, scientists are of great importance in terms of international recognition. Promotion of international scientific bases and has great potential to achieve significant scientific results. It is no coincidence that today is one of the main objectives of the research institutes of the strengthening of cooperation in this field.


In recent years, scientists in the prestigious scientific organizations in order to represent the world of international scientific cooperation is established. Institute of Information Technology are important steps in this direction, various meetings and scientific seminars are organized.


Scientists scientific publications in international scientific bases in the deployment of such measures to the rules of the seminar was dedicated. Sabina, a research fellow of the institute of scientific publications Mammadzade "Index Copernicus", "Citation Index", "CiteSeerX", "DBLP" made a report about the margins, such as the deployment of bases.


That said, the choice of bases to be included in scientific publications in international bases, registration, information about the magazine placement, assessment, notification is made in the sequence. "Index Copernicus," which provides information about the requirements of the scientific base SMəmmədzadə noted that the online and print version of the magazine, language diversity, the magazine of the nature, frequency emissions, bibliographic styles (IEEE, Harvard, etc.), the editorial staff and others. The inclusion of the data is important. It also "DBLP" also spoke about the requirements on how to access the database of scientific publications, the articles on the demands, and the author of the editorial aspects of the published standards, rules and other participants said that long-term access.


The speaker of the institute, "Information Technology" and "Problems of Information Society" magazine also spoke about the measures taken to be included in the international scientific bases.


The report also exchanged views on the various proposals put forward.

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