The article by the Institute’s researchers published in Turkish Journal 2015-09-23 14:39:22 / CONFERENCES

The article entitled “System of recognition of an accessory of persons to racial and an ethnic group on the basis of photographs” by PhD Tofig Kazimov head of department of the Institute of Information Technology, PhD Shafagat Mahmudova project chief engineer, and Tugrul Aktash  is published in the “International Journal of Applied Mathematics, Electronics and Computers” (Turkey).


This article is devoted to developing a recognition method of race and ethnicity of individual based on portrait photographs. The reference image is formed based on selected geometric points of the face and a special algorithm for calculating the characteristic parameters of the images available in the database. Next, the original image is compared with the reference images of ethnic groups, and thus, the affiliation of the original image to a specific ethnic group is determined.

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