Were masters of the diagnostic test 2015-09-18 12:01:42 / CONFERENCES

The development of science and education in the modern era of innovative and important achievements in the integration of these areas, it is important in terms of training of highly qualified personnel. To this end, appropriate measures are taken by the National Academy of Sciences, carried out various projects. Since the current master's degree in perception of the events of this kind.


As is known, according to the decision of the government, the academy accepted 19 undergraduates computer science, English, psychology, pedagogy and teaching on the subjects of Institute of Information Technology Training Innovation Centre (TIC) will be held. To this end, appropriate measures are implemented in the TIM.


Today, the academy's Institute of Information Technology masters diagnostic test to check the level of knowledge of the English language exam. Masters grammar within 95 minutes (90 tests), and answered questions on listening sections. According to the results of the examination results at the high and relatively low 2 groups will be organized for the magistrates.


Note that, on the basis of study at the academy and research institutes 7 7 qualification (linguistics, anthropology, theoretical physics, geology, chemical kinetics and catalysis, molecular biology, plant breeding) is organized on.

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