Double-sided OLED TV presented 2015-09-10 09:47:18 / CONFERENCES

At IFA 2015, LG Electronics demonstrated the world’s first curved double-sided TV. Novelty called Wallpaper is equipped with two 111-inch OLED-display. TV screen contains three 65″ Ultra HD-panels and unusual bending form – it looks like a wave. According to the company, each display can display a different image. The manufacturer also showed “flat” version of the double-TV with a diagonal of 55 inches, this model has a thickness of 5.3 mm and is suspended from the ceiling.


University of Rochester scientist and father of OLED-technology Tang Ching (Ching W . Tang) sure of the organic light emitting diode displays on the future. Over time, they will be cheaper than traditional LCD panels, and the possibility of using a new generation of screens limited only by our imagination.

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