The projects carried out jointly with the Russian Academy of Sciences 2015-09-04 10:10:33 / CONFERENCES

Institute of Information Technology (ITI) by the foreign research institutions to develop the scientific and technical cooperation is being carried out intensively.


To this end, on behalf of the Institute of Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of A.A.Xarkevich distributed calculations, head of the Center of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology "distributed computing" Head of the Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, held a meeting with Professor Alexander Afanasyev.


During the meeting, the secretary of the National Academy of Sciences, the institute's director of development and strengthening of relations in the field of academic research R.Aliguliyev issues of fundamental importance, he said. Information technology and information solutions to the problems of society, studying various scientific and theoretical grounds, their knowledge, new ideas and solutions integration, creative, professional and mobile staff, which serves to achieve high results of the institute's main joint scientific researches stressed the targets.


Professor Afanasyev, scientific studies conducted in different directions, in the field of highly qualified IT personnel training, international cooperation and praised the activities of the institute. Wide application of advanced technologies research institute, which has the potential to carry out joint research on the conditions, described as an important factor in terms of cost-effective results. It also has an international network of AzScienceNet IDGF - International Desktop Grid Federation joined to his advantage and was invited to participate in projects. He said that the computing and memory resources of the federation in order to solve complex problems that require expertise brings together institutions and organizations who wish to exchange.


They also participate in joint research in the field of science and technology, projects and conferences, exchange of knowledge and experience were discussed. Also in the field of cloud and grid technologies, strengthening cooperation in the research, development and implementation of projects for the signing of agreements on scientific and technical cooperation was stressed the importance of universal AzScienceNet-capacity computer network (SCN) to solve mathematical problems in different distributed on the basis of Accounting synthesis environment and exchanged views on other issues. AzScienceNet the same time using personal computers connected to the grid computing systems with distributed computing systems to increase the capacity to carry out joint research projects, stressing the necessity of participation.


In the end, the institute will host AzScienceNet, Training Innovation and remote centers, "Information Technologies" Publishing House, the Library Center and Center for Scientific Research, the work done, projects, equipped with modern technologies, including became acquainted with audiences.

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