TV sets were produced in thin smartphone 2015-08-05 09:55:34 / CONFERENCES

South Korea, "LG Electronics" company "OLED" increasing range of TV presents a very thin models. The new 55-inch screen with a resolution of "OLED TV" models thickness of 4.8 mm, the thickness of 6-7 mm thinner smartphones.


Currently, the thinnest TV manufacturers to compete for the leadership of the "Sony", also joined the company. Thus, recently the Japanese manufacturer "Bravia" line of TV 4.9 mm thickness, the "Ultra HD" (4K) added 2 model format.


Interestingly, this time, "Samsung Electronics" has opted to remain outside. South Korean manufacturer of quantum pixel technology (Quantum Dot, QD) is created by applying high-precision "SUHD" screens having a thickness of 6-9 mm, "LG Electronics" and "Sony" is behind the models.


"DisplaySearch" Analysts think the correct approach, saying that a decisive advantage for consumers is the thickness of the TV. According to experts, buyers pay only the additional funds due to the ultra-thin, portable devices because it does not belong to the TV.

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